New Tyres and Puncture Repairs on the Isle Of Wight

Tyres Fitted on the Isle of Wight. A wide range of tyres and tyre services available at Sixers Group Isle of Wight, call us now on 01983 532200


We stock a wide range of Tyres in various sizes and brands to suit your budget. Sixers Group Isle of Wight prices are competitive and include valves, balancing, disposal of the old tyres and fitting. For a price on your specific tyre please call Carisbrooke Garage Newport (01983) 532200 or York Avenue Garage East Cowes (01983) 290028

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

  • Front Tracking £29.00 + adjustment + vat
  • 4x4 & Sports Front Tracking starts at £50.00 + adjustment + vat
  • 4 Wheel Alignment starts at £100.00 + adjustment + vat
  • Puncture repair from £25.00 + vat
  • Wheel balance per rim (off the vehicle) £4.95 + vat
  • Old Tyre Disposal £2.50 each – 4x4 and bigger £4.00 each + vat

Common faults with steering and road wheels include vehicle pulling to one side, the steering wheel vibrates. Do you have to move the steering wheel constantly to keep in a straight line? If you have any of these symptoms your wheel alignment or balancing will need checking urgently. These problems will normally be corrected by checking the wheel alignment/tracking and adjusting accordingly. Checking the wheels are not buckled and balanced to the finest tolerances.

A vehicle with properly aligned and balanced wheels will be:

  • Safer with better handling
  • Extends the life of your tyres
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Better fuel economy

For more information about tyres, call Sixers Group on(01983) 532200