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MoT Test Only £35 for our LCP Card Holders

Sixers Group Isle of Wight have 2 fully equipped VOSA approved MOT testing centres with modern, fully equipped MOT testing facility offering class IV MOT testing.

An MOT Test normally costs £54.85 but for Sixers Group LCP Card holders the MOT is only £35.

What Exactly Is An MOT?

The Ministry of Transport Test, usually just shortened to MOT, is an annual test of your vehicle safety, road worthiness and exhaust emissions. It is required for vehicles over three years old.

MoT comes from an old government department, the Ministry of Transport, which has since been changed to the Department of Transport, but the old name has just stuck around. MOT Test certificates are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which is a merger between the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). Any company wishing to carry out MOT Tests must apply and gain authorisation from DVSA, both the staff and the premises have to meet criteria set out by the government. Always look for the blue 'three triangle' logo which identifies the garage as being an approved MoT test station.

The pass certificate is known as the VT20, the failure form is known as the VT30 and any advisories are on the VT32. It is illegal to drive a vehicle on a road without a current, valid MOT pass certificate, there are a few exceptions to this of course, for example driving to a pre-booked MOT Test but please check the current legislation before attempting to do or contact us here at Sixers Group (01983) 532200 for advice. A valid MoT pass certificate is required in order to tax your vehicle and if you do not have a valid MoT, your insurance will also be void.

It should be noted that simply possessing a valid MoT certificate does not mean your vehicle is road worthy. A vehicle could suffer major damage after an MoT has been issued but the MoT certificate would still be valid and obtaining a new one is not required. Driving a vehicle that is in a dangerous condition is always illegal, regardless of the MoT certificate.

What Does An MoT Test Involve?

Bringing your vehicle to one of the Sixers Groups MoT Testing stations means that your vehicle will be tested by a trained and certified tester. Our tester will be able to check to see if your vehicle is safe to drive in accordance with the guidelines issued by DVSA.

The MOT test covers the following checks on your vehicle

  • Steering (including suspension)
  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Lighting and signalling equipment
  • Seat belts
  • Body, structure and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings.
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Driver's view of the road

If you are interested in the MoT inspection manual you can find a copy on the website MOT manuals and special notices

Our testers will check your vehicle to make sure it meets the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards. It does not mean that your vehicle is then covered for the lifetime of the certificate and you should always do routine maintenance and check for any defects or issues. You can drop your car into one of Sixers Groups garages if you are worried about an issue with your vehicle and we will take a look. If there are any issues we will provide a free, no obligation quote to put things right and give you complete peace of mind that your vehicle is safe for you and your family.

Items such as the windscreen, wipers and exhaust systems are tested for condition and operation. Windscreen wipers will fail the test if they do not adequately clear the windscreen when used in conjunction with the washers. The exhaust system, in addition to checks on its condition and security, is tested to ascertain whether it is obviously louder than another vehicle of the same make and model with a standard exhaust system fitted.

Dismantling of any part of the vehicle during the MoT test is strictly against test regulations. As the MOT is only an inspection for road-worthiness at the time of the test, the inspection of most accessories is not included. One exception is if the vehicle has a tow bar fitted then their condition and their attachment to the vehicle is now included in the MoT.

Re-test, What if my Car Fails its MoT?

If your vehicle fails its MoT test, it can be re-tested within 10 working days to gain a pass. All Sixers Group garages can re-test your vehicle for free if it is left with us to fix any issues. MOT test centres are only allowed to carry out one re-test. At Sixers Group we will always ensure that your vehicle will be made road worthy and pass the test in the event of a failure, but if, for example, you wish to carry out the repairs yourself or take it to another garage and the vehicle subsequently fails or goes over the 10 day time period then the vehicle must have a full MoT test rather than a re-test.

There is a quite a lot involved in the MoT test, Sixers Group will take you though the process step by step and keep you informed at all times, we can even remind you of when your MoT is due so you don't even have to worry about that. Also, with our LCP Card, your MoT is only £35 saving you £19.85 from the start. If your vehicle needs an MOT then simply call Carisbrooke Garage (01983) 532200 or York Avenue Garage (01983) 290028

For more information about your vehicle MOT test, call Sixers Group on (01983) 532200