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Sixers Group Customer After Care and Warranties

Customer After Care and Warranties

Customer aftercare is of paramount importance and add that to our core vales of QUALITY vehicles, excellent CHOICE & GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE means all in all our reputation is second to none. The Sixers Group is a well established local family owned business. The business was built from nothing to the largest independent dealer repairer on the Island by the business Director Mr Sixsmith and his family.

We specialise in locally sourced, expertly prepared used vehicles, providing motorists with piece of mind. No other dealer on the Island can boast about the in house After Care that the Sixers Group can deliver. We always do our utmost to ensure every customer is back on the road as soon as possible with minimal fuss. All together this means buying and owning vehicles purchased from Sixers Group is a pleasure.

Over the years we have experienced that not all Warranties are worth having, our experience with various national household names was not always the best. But rest assured we have been dealing with Customer Protect APA for all our warranties for over 10 years and are confident to call them an approved partner.

Lots of customers are now feeling the benefits of our Lifetime Care Policy, which can be purchased with your new vehicle. It ensures discounts for Parts & Labour for as long as you own the vehicle. Find details of APA Warranties & Lifetime Care Policy below.

The Sixers Group understands with the technologies in modern vehicles, it is inevitable that mechanical or electrical faults and failures will arise at some time. We proudly offer a wide range of products to give our customers the best possible after care plans to suit your circumstances.

We strive to maintain the highest level of support for our customers and always do our best to get you back on the road as swiftly as possible. Our aim is your experience of buying and owning a Sixers Group vehicle to be a pleasurable one.

Sixers Group Lifetime Care Policy

Sixers Group Lifetime Care Policy

Lifetime Care Policy - Our own Sixers Group discount scheme the Lifetime Care Policy offers discounts on both parts & labour for the entire duration that you own the vehicle purchased from us. With our own workshops and experienced technicians we can offer you help and support with maintenance and repairs to your vehicle.
Should you purchase a LCP you will be issued with a signed and stamped policy entitling you to substantial discounts for all works carried out in our workshops, whether it be for Servicing, Tyres, mechanical repairs or just an MoT test. You will save pounds and best of all, this policy doesn’t expire until you no longer own the vehicle.

Sixers Group APA Customer Protect Warranty

Sixers Group APA Customer Protect Warranty

The Sixers Group supply either the Gold or Silver Plus cover as standard or sometimes Bronze if stated. All warranties have claim limits. You can extend and or upgrade your cover at extra cost, the sales team will happily quote should you require.
When you consider that modern vehicles contain over 700 components, any of which might fail over time, the impact on your pocket could be painful. Sixers Group, through Customer Protect APA, offers straightforward guarantees which provide protection. The warranty is designed to mitigate the costs associated with vehicle repairs large and small. Either of which can cause significant disruption to your plans as well as your pocket! With a Customer Protect APA warranty from the Sixers Group, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected, potentially saving you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds.

Auto Protect GOLD Warranty
Auto Protect Silver Plus & Bronze Warranty