Car Air Conditioning Service

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Motoring Air Conditioning

Drivers today experience the benefit of air con in their cars when it comes to hot days, but as with other parts of your car the air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains efficient and effective. It does more than just cool the inside of your car though, when you regularly service your air con, it helps to filter out pollutants, pollen and any harmful airborne bacteria, improving the air quality inside while you drive.

A vehicles air con system can lose up to 10 per cent effectiveness each year. If you have your air con regularly serviced, it will be much better able to keep you cool and refreshed. Overtime if you do not service the air con system it builds up bacteria, fungi and moulds which can cause unpleasant odours.

What is the air con service?

Our A/C service will drain your air con system and vacuum out any bacteria then refresh and replace the gas taken, should extra gas be needed it will be added as an extra. We check your air con's hoses, filters, belts and connections and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly. If your air con is emitting bad odours don't worry, we can fix that by adding a cleaning product for a small extra cost.

How much is an air con service?

The Sixers Group offer the following air conditioning services
  • Air Con re-gas £49.95 + vat, this tops up your air con gas.
  • Air Con Service £79.95 + vat, this removes the old gasses and oils within your air conditioning system, decontaminates and replaces them.

Air Con Extras

  • Leak Detection Trace Dye this can be added to help locate leaks in your air con system.
  • Air Con Anti Bacterial Treatment an additive put into the air con system helps eliminates bacteria, fungi and mould effecting air quality and cause unpleasant odours. This also deodorise your vehicles upholstery.
  • Extra Air Con Gas should extra gas be required, there will be a charge of 10p per gram. This is due to a 5 fold increase in the price of air con gas.

For more information about an air con service, drop into a Sixers Group garage today or call us on (01983) 532200